I know it’s been about a year since I posted anything. Something happened that was devastating and it completely took me away from everything. There was no desire to write anymore and I’m still in recovery mode from that event. I’m a woman, we don’t just let go of heart break as fast as men.


But anyways in the meantime, things have been happening. With being unable to read the Bible due to boredom, I came up with an idea around December. I now have a ministry of puzzles (what I’m calling it). What it includes is puzzles designed around the Sunday school lessons. Because I give them a week out in advance, it causes the recipient to search the scriptures and study the lesson to fill out the puzzle. That helps them and it helps me due to the fact, I have to read to even create the puzzle. I may set up a separate behance account for posting puzzles that can be saved and printed. Don’t quote me on this.


On top of that, I was put into a newly formed auxiliary in the church. It comes together for state meetings all across the jurisdiction (which is literally up and down not across the state). It’s called the Business Women Professional Federation. Everyone else in the group are either business owners or in the high ranks of the companies they are working at. I met with the president of the group yesterday and shared with her about the Sunday school puzzles I’ve been doing. Because the desire to make games is back, I also shared those desires with her. She then referenced me over to the president over the children.


Church of God in Christ has a children’s auxiliary called “sunshine band”. Then they have an auxiliary called “Purity / Puritans” which consists of the teenagers. Besides those two, they have a Youth department and a Young Persons auxiliary. So they have all this “outreach” for the youth. It’s confusing with who goes where based on age group due to me being an outsider and I’m not heavily involved in COGIC. BUT because I shared these with my president, she directed me over to the Sunshine Band and Puritan department president. Now here I am, talking to this leader about ways to help the children and the teenagers get into the bible and enjoy it. I’m sorry but now a days, especially my generation of mid twenties and younger, it’s boring to read the Word. I have a love for it now but it’s still boring. I’ve been trying to find ways to focus and dig based on this topic or that topic, but nothing has stood out or have stuck. These puzzles help me a lot with my reading. Because I understand all this struggle of reading straight out of the Word, I have the insight that their president does not have. So I’ve indirectly been drafted into a job that includes making games for the youth to become active in the Word. To make it interesting and entertaining to them so they don’t fall asleep while reading. So they don’t do anything and everything else when they are supposed to be reading. So it’s not a “chore” to read. There has to be a love and most of the youth today don’t have a love for the Word. I struggled with the love for 6 years.


Now it seems like I’m becoming active in the church and the leadership is giving me responsibilities that reach across the whole church. It may just start with Kentucky’s 1st jurisdiction but these are things that can span across the whole christian community. A large outreach. And an outreach vision just flashed through my mind as I was typing about this. It’s extremely great and as of right now, working for that will take up a lot of energy. Just give me the little jigsaw puzzle piece that fits into the corner, I don’t need to see the whole picture right now lol. Anyways this is just an update and a hello. Yes I do plan on picking the story back up but I am not sure when.


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