Beginning of August

Ok it’s been a long while since a post about any updates on the story. It’s really taken the past 2 months to pull out of a very strong heartbreak and depression. This is just an update kind of post and I don’t know if I want to finish the 30 days of rejection. I may breeze right through it just to get it over with because what happens next is a different world worth of emotions and thoughts.


I’m writing now to talk about what happened these past couple of weeks. For one, a bishop friend of mine was in Texas and he posted that he was losing 50 lbs. I wrote on his Facebook post and said “take 50 of mine too” or something like that. A week later or so, someone random messaged me and gave me his number to call him. He said he was looking for a designer to do church work. So I called and we talked over the phone. On it, he said he saw a comment I made on Bishop’s post and he went looking on my page and saw some of my work. He asked me what I did and I told him for churches I mainly do flyers. After that he spoke about how he was praying for a person who could do all of the church designs that came through his shop and that he owns a print shop. The great thing was the fact he didn’t expect me to move to his location or travel there for meetings, he wanted me to stay in my area. He said it was a blessing he came across me and I was an answer to his prayers. I wanted a church graphic job like this but never really actually prayed on it. Maybe spent a few, very few prayers for this kind of job so I was ecstatic to hear about this one. So technically now I have two jobs, one is a day-to-day job and the other is work on demand. There’s an email set up specifically for me, I have a business card design already with the company and a bio card – never heard of it before. It will be extra “play money” that I will also be paying tithes on. Don’t worry; play money is still tithe money. When taxes come, it counts as self-employed work.


All of this happens the week of going to Dayton Ohio. The day I meet this new boss of mine, I was asked to do a flyer for the pastor in Dayton. What’s great is that the boss is also a preacher so he understands some things a non-preacher wouldn’t. So I work on this flyer and within my first attempt I get it right and it’s passed on for a few days of advertising on Facebook. We left Thursday morning and the trip there was horrible. Due to leaving late, not having clear communication, and gas stations, it took us 7 hours to make a 4-hour trip. We hit Cincinnati rush hour traffic. I don’t even know why it’s called rush hour when all the traffic comes together on one road and jams the road to a complete stop.


There was a gas station stop right around the corner from the last person’s house that was not told to me. So I passed everyone and had to pull over and wait on both of them. The next gas station trip, the other 2 vehicles made the light and I didn’t because of other people not using their turn signals. If they did I could have went and made the light. The hurt emotions I was going through because the rest of my traveling company did not wait for me was still bothering me days later. Then I got yelled at and that hurt me even more. I turned off where I shouldn’t have after I was given directions. Learned to not listen to back seat drivers. There was confusion in that and I suffered the consequence of it. And yes the construction traffic jam and the rush hour traffic jam and construction during rush hour in the city. Horrible. Plus it was heavy rain that day for about half the trip.


Though I was having a bad day, the service went great for everyone else. I knew when I was being talked to during the message, some of the people were healed and everyone else was happy. The next day something happened and I shut down miserable for the whole message. I wasn’t even there mentally and more people were healed. Then we find out that the pastor of that church told his people that mine would be there Sunday so he was roped into another service. He didn’t mind and I didn’t mind staying either. My heart sank when he asked my back seat driver if he would stay. I was looking at being able to stretch out and lay in the back seat but with the extra person, I couldn’t. Plus they had their son with them so it was cramped in the back seat and it hurt my knees coming back. I needed to be able to stretch out and I couldn’t.


Anyways, Saturday we went to Muncie Indiana to give honor to the Bishop in celebrating both his birthday and 18 years of ministry. It was great and I was surprised I enjoyed some of the food. There was confusion that day too but it wasn’t as bad. I wasn’t driving so it wasn’t that bad lol. Friday night I was told to keep on the banquet clothes and it would be a straight shot from one service to the next. So I thought that meant to put on banquet clothes before we even get there. My roommate that I didn’t plan on having in the beginning ended up calling and was given confirmation. My roommate was great and I would love to room with her again. She is someone I can open up to like the one I have been hurt over for the past 8 months. Lunch was my first time to waffle house and it’s my new favorite restaurant. So we went and the group split at the banquet. Everyone went home except for me, pastor, 1st lady and the extra two that didn’t go to the banquet.


Back in Dayton, the preacher talked mine into coming to service at another church. They are in a 100 day revival and this is the service I was planning on being in. So I went too. While there, he asked the revival preacher if he had someone to speak Sunday night and he said no. He volunteered my pastor without asking. That held us in Dayton until Monday morning.


During all this, we went to a place called Scene 75 and it had a bunch of games, mini golf, bounce houses, bumper cars, and everything you would want to have fun. I was depressed so none of it excited me. Still hurt by being abandoned on the road and yelled at. Still hurt by losing that person in my life. At the “arcade” place, I was hungry. But I wasn’t $10 hungry. So we talked with the driver of the van and she was counting up costs and the preacher who was showing us around was naming some places off. My eyes lit up when he mentioned Chinese buffet and I told the van driver I would help pay for their meal. I said that in front of the preacher and he said I was being a blessing. We went to lunch and the bill was so small, he ended up blessing all of us and paying for all of us. Take note of this – free lunch Friday.


After service Friday we ate at Denny’s because it’s open all the time and it’s the only place everyone knows that will seat a large crowd of almost 20 something people. I mean seat together in 1 big table. The waitress took everyone’s drink order and she was the only one on the floor so it wasn’t just us she was waiting on. When she came back she said she would get the children first but she didn’t do all the children’s orders and then come back for the adults. She got everyone’s order and skipped me but I waited, hoping she would come back. Sadly she never did come back to take my order and I was really starting to sink into a sadness because she forgot me. An elder at my church spoke up and the girl took my order. By that point I had forgotten what I really wanted to have. I didn’t fuss at her, didn’t complain and didn’t give her any lip for forgetting me. Was in such a state I had no energy or strength to do anything other than cry. But out of that, I got my meal free. It turned into Free Food Friday. Both lunch and dinner was free. Saturday at the banquet, the ticket price was $20 but the lady only charged me $15.


I took only two $5 bills with me. Yet, I was in many services and somewhere I picked up extra, because I put at least 1 in each offering to my pastor. I’m like “I know I came with such and such amount and my offering is showing I am giving more than what I brought. How?” Still don’t understand where I got all of them $5 bills. It wasn’t from free food Friday because I was going to pay with them on card, not cash. God will make money stretch, that is for sure. He said last year he would bless us to do more with less and this was a prime example. I thought it was for last year’s timing but apparently not.


Sunday was better all day because I had talked to my leader about something that I had been wondering about. It really hurt and really lead to a lot of hurtful thoughts that just kept me down. When he reassured me I was not in that state, it left me with some peace. I wasn’t doubting anymore, I wasn’t scared anymore, I had reassurance that wasn’t there for months. I had ground to stand on which made the whole day better. And this is just the beginning of August. And Sunday night, there was more healing in the night service.


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