Thirty Days of Rejection – Days 6-7

As the next two days passed, the core’s external body was sleeping a lot when she was not working. There came an obsession over the ordained one in her dreams. Both that creature and rejection were right in her face talking to her and whispering in her ears. Anger was holding her core self in his arms for a few moments here and there.


“Desire for your heart to be hard again. It’ll make all the hurt go away just like it did last time when you were small…smaller. Do you remember when we showed up to rescue you from the hurt you were suffering? I was the first one after you made signed the contract the builder gave you. After I came, there were walls that fell into place around me. They kept me from coming and beating on you like I am now. But they also kept me dormant and patient. Over the years people from the outside fed me and when that door was opened, I know you felt my presence. Somewhere you asked for indifference. I could feel him the moment his foot touched these grounds. So where is he? This is a very large labyrinth and it will take us a very long time to find him. You know where he is at don’t you? Only he can come and put these stone pieces back on your heart. He alone can make this pain go away. Find him for us.”


Rejection snarled and bare his teeth when he said “us” and the “s” sounded like it was hissed. His form kept changing to the point the core did not know his true shape. He could wrap around her like a snake, he could move swiftly like one and sometimes his speech slurred into a hissing sound. Other times he had big bulky muscles on his arms with small muscular legs. His skin tone was a deep dark blue on his body but his head was a bright sky blue. He looked like a cartoon drawn figure during that time with his skull structure. There was a long snout like a dog, a nose like one and fangs such as one. Together his whole facial makeup was long, narrow, and just flat out evil. In that form he wore cloth like Tarzan from the Disney film back in the early 2000’s. When he was like a serpent, he wore no clothing and his whole body was a deep dark color. What separated him from normal snakes was that he had arms and hands.


“I can’t. Don’t you think I’ve tried? Yes I want the pain to go away but I can’t locate him. All I can tell is that he is a lot weaker and extremely busy trying to keep me where I am. He can’t repair what’s been broken nor can he restore that which is crumbling. His power is fading; he knows it and so do I. Indifference is not the big man on campus anymore as the phrase goes. He can’t help Control keep everyone under control now. So what are you going to do?” The core could see her friend suffering, losing his power, and unable to help her; to keep her from suffering. She had let him go by the time this conversation had taken place. All the way back, four months prior, when the first true weight of rejection came to her center, she tried to hand the pain over to him. She couldn’t find him though she searched. The Lord refused to let her re-harden her heart, he refused to let her surrender this pain and torment over to indifference and she knew it. Surrendering over to God took longer but she accepted it. As time passed she witnessed indifference grow weaker. Within four months she had surrendered him over to Jesus and she waited for her deliverance.


Being in the center, there is no real sense of who is around. What she didn’t know was that both anger and control was in the vicinity. As large and ugly as anger was, the walls were larger so they could hide him. The ground likened unto a soundproof room. Weight meant nothing in the labyrinth. No one there had to be soft footed to ease drop in on a conversation on the other side of any particular wall. Only the rooms were special, they had doors that had to be opened and closed. It took either the core, someone anointed, or God himself to open or shut those doors. None were locked for they didn’t need to be. Some were hidden, even from her. As anointed as her pastor was, he walked past some of those secret doors and didn’t even notice. Just a couple he walked by and he did see, by the grace of God, and she didn’t know it



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