Clarification Disclaimer

Not that it’s going to matter to anyone but the prayers that will be found through out this story is not a complete account of what actually happens. They are a lot shorter in the story than actually going through it and I don’t suggest anyone copying them hoping to use them as a complete prayer. Reading and praying a prayer after someone else does not work anyways. Higher percent chance of it not being from the heart for one. For two, my pastor taught once about praying other peoples prayers because someone mentioned something like that to him; reading off someone else’s. It was someone who was anointed and that prayer was anointed for her and it was transcribed later. He said her anointing was not his. There’s more to that but I need to really think on how I want to word it so it don’t sound weird. Anyways, if you want to take parts of the prayers in the story and build off them, add on to them, in your own prayer then yes thats fine. But don’t carbon copy them. If and when this is actually turned into a book, I may need to add this as a disclosure or something. Because I know certain people, I know how they are going to react if they read these prayers. They will be like “is that it? is that all she is doing?” No it’s not all.


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