I know its been a bit since my last post. I have a decision between adding more dreams or working on the thirty days. It might be a bit on the thirty days because I’m having trouble with the first week. There’s so many details that I need to write about, a lot of days missed and a lot of days misplaced. Dreams of the core’s need to be written out as well and there are more things happening in her sleep than when she is awake. More things happening in her mind than in real life. Thirty days is a lot to cover at once too. Yes I will break it up so its not daunting to read as one gigantic post. This one is just to really say I have not stopped or forgotten about my viewers. Everyone from the beginning knows I get spurts of activity and then I go dead silent for longer periods of time. This is my reassurance that this is not that. Just a lot to write. I’m not finding the time to just sit and focus to write right now. Busy. Sad thing is, I tried to start this chapter before I even wrote the last one and yes this continual story is turning into a book. Each post under the Psalms 42 category are chapters in my book. Each post is a chapter (except parts 2 and so forth. The initial title is the title of the chapter). Though I’ve just pu locally declared I’m writing a book, I’m not going to let it stress me and I have no time table. I praise the Lord on that, my hair is breaking from stress so I am happy this is not an add on. I like my hair lol. Anyways, this is just an update. 


~ by davisddesigns on June 6, 2015.

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