Tag Team Dream Pt 3 – Dream 3

A visiting evangelist had preached up to two visitations before, that the child had known of, and another dream began to form as that one ended. At Senior’s church, an alter call was being made. Both the ordained one and the core were there. Usually the core sits around the ordained one but not in this dream; she had reached the point where she no longer wanted to sit near her. As usual the ordained one took her seat on the front pew, on the right side of the sanctuary and on the outer end seat. This time, the core sat on the left of the sanctuary, in the back, right in front of the video camera. In her actual life, she made an effort not to sit in the back due to teaching being instilled in her. However, at this moment, she did not care. She wanted to hide away from anyone who would notice her.


“Ruth come up here”. The evangelist called for a female named Ruth and no one there was named Ruth but immediately the core knew he was talking to her. She didn’t want to admit it so she slid downward in her seat and waited for him to move on. To her it was either that or hope for an off chance someone was there who was actually named Ruth. “I said Ruth come here. You’re hurting and there is something really messed up in your spirit. Your relationship with Naomi is jacked up.” They both waited for a few more minutes before he spoke again. “You know who you are, you knew I was talking to you the first time I mentioned ‘Ruth’, if you don’t want your healing then fine stay in your seat”. Everything changed when he said, “healing”. She stood up and walked down the alter isle towards the evangelist.


“Ahh, here you are. I’m looking into your spirit man and I can see just how much torment and turmoil you are going through. You’re being vexed and you are heart broken. Why has Naomi left? Do you know who Naomi is? Of course you do. Why don’t you point to Naomi then.” Just as he had instructed, her finger went up and pointed directly at the ordained one. When the ordained one saw that she was Naomi, she looked puzzled; she didn’t understand. “Naomi come up here too. Ruth do you know why I’m calling you Ruth and Naomi?”


“Because Senior said our relationship was like that of Ruth and Naomi on the day I got saved.” The core answered.


“Correct. But your relationship with sis Elizabeth is not working out the same way as Ruth and Naomi’s did. Why is your story different from theirs? What happened?”


“An Elder came to visit our church one day, out of the blue, and he was put up to speak. I was sitting in my seat and he called me up front and he said I was free. Being so happy to hear the good news, I told her that he said I was free and she took it as her assignment being over. She left. It broke my heart and I nearly backslid into it, hating God.”


“Wow”. Senior was standing in the alter as an over looker (not a spectator of sorts) when he heard that. He made a sound that a person could not describe with words.


“Sis Elizabeth, I hear God saying that your relationship with her is not over. Yes he was going to move you out of her life, but when she was ready. You departed too soon and the attack from the enemy set her back a great deal. It halted her progress for the Holy Ghost and for deliverance. I hear him saying to pick up where you left off and work with her like you have for the past year and a half. Don’t give up on her this time. It’ll be different from before. There are also still some things that you need worked on. Only by working with her will you change. You need her as much as she needs you. And you are going to impart some more things into her by the laying on of hands.” The evangelist finished and the ordained one did not look happy but she accepted it.


Hopefully God filled up her tank and put her on F again. The last conversation before she said goodbye was that she was going to be hard on me and these spirits and that she was on E. She said I had drained her and her tank was empty.


“Oh! I hear God saying sis Elizabeth that she remembers the things you have spoken to her and over her. She remembers some of the good but a lot of the bad and I hear that the devil uses the bad for tormenting fuel. Be careful what you say to her and how you say it. She is ever so searching, paying attention, to how you interact with her. There’s a heart that is looking for something from you; something you don’t know how to give to her just yet but if you let God work on you, you will learn. Once you do, that will change everything in her life and she will come out of a lot of things that she has power to come out of right now. Things she chooses not to come out of just yet. That’s all I have evangelist.” Senior had stepped in to prophecy to the ordained one when he saw the visitor finish. The core looked at the ordained one and she could swear that her mom had turned red with anger. For them to hear that she chose not to come out of things; that was confirmation to the ordained one but it also made her mad that she was right.


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