Tag Team Dream Pt 2 – Dream 2

Back in her church with the ordained one walking through the doorway from the kitchen to the sanctuary. This was the setting and this one was yet different from the first one. The core was saying hello to her pastor’s sister and she turned around to see who came in. Her countenance instantly switched from one of happiness to one of tormented grief. She picked herself up and walked towards the ordained one to give her a hug.






“Because I said so.” This was a reflection of a time the core saw the ordained one unexpectedly. She had asked for a hug and the woman said no. It was the same scenario and fear overtook her at that moment. The next phone call came rushing back to her remembrance and the rejection of it. To her dismay, that phone call was the second trial that she had failed and the hurt fell on her like a cloak. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t give or receive a hug. A hug from the ordained one produced so much comfort to her. Another shift happened, from the emotional bombardment to the alter call.


“Oh my God. Audri and Elizabeth come up here.” Her pastor had called them both up again like the previous dream. Then he turned to Elizabeth and ministered to her words that she did not want to hear. More detailed words with instructions she did not want to obey concerning Audri. “Now hug her”. She turned to reach in for a hug but the core was now resistant and reluctant with the rejection from the beginning of service. Despite being reluctant, she obeyed. Upon contact, everything that the core was feeling concerning the ordained one had just transferred from her to the ordained one. Every hurt, every instance of rejection, every torment, and all the joy had transferred from one to the other. The ordained one dropped to her knees, crying and wailing out in pain. There were no words to describe what it looked like she was dealing with as far as pain level goes. Broken bones, torn ligaments, vehicular wrecks, bullet wounds, stab wounds – none of them looked like the pain equaled this torture. Only a month prior, pastor had laid hands on his little sister while they were in the alter and he dropped to the floor crying like a baby. He cried out “Oh God the pain! So much pain!”


Both Audri and her leader looked at Elizabeth on the floor crying. The core could not take seeing her mother in that kind of grief. She reached down and cried out “Stop! Please stop hurting her! Lift it!”


“God is letting her experience what you go through concerning her. He is letting her get an understanding of what it’s like to be you. She is getting a first hand show of what you deal with as far as the rejection goes. There is no way she can understand without going through it, there is no way you can describe it.” He was right. This girl was gifted with words on paper but she could not even put into words how much she hurt. She couldn’t even put into words what she was going through in the first month. The one time she tried, the preacher rebuked her for it. If the Lord had not delivered her from depression and from suicidal depression, she would have taken her life just from the grief. She almost lost her spiritual life over the ordeal. Days in bed, not wanting to do anything, not wanting to be awake, not wanting to move whatsoever.


“Still lift it please. This is my hurt, my pain; don’t make her go through it. I’ve done enough to hurt her my own self.” Now the core was in tears, remorseful that she was causing more pain to the person she loved.


“Let that guilt go. She could handle it and it was for the breaking and making of her. She needed to grow through all that and it’s helped her grow closer to God. But she has no compassion and this is what that is for.”


“Audri I repent for all of this that I have caused you. I didn’t know and you never told me. How was I supposed to know if you didn’t talk about it? I’m not a mind reader.” The core’s head dropped and the pain level increased for the ordained one. “What just happened? The pain increased.”


“So long as she is hurting, you will hurt. It’ll teach you how to interact with different people and how to be compassionate. Now Audri, you won’t like this either. Hold her hand”. As the core picked up the ordained one’s hand, torment rushed through her system like none other. “You two will feel the pain that you have caused Elizabeth. From this you will learn how to both be compassionate on each other, you will learn how to control your tongues, and you will experience when you hurt each other and you will know what caused it.”


Through both dreams, obsession talked to the core. Rejection wasn’t the main one in the second experience. There was a trace but what dominated this dream in particular was pain and the obsession of it. It was clearly shown how the child could not let go of the pain that she had experienced up to that point in her life just from the one she loved the most.


~ by davisddesigns on May 27, 2015.

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