New Fun Fact

My mind is like a whirlwind of ideas. I gave a link to the scripture photo I posted on Behance, I am writing on this one continuation story that started off as a mere 4 page story to try and talk about something. Next thing I know, it keeps going. Chapter 5 will be out in the next ten minutes or so, I think. And because of what all is going on, it is like an open source for another set of stories that’s all connected to this one. Because it’s “thirty days“, thats a bit much to put into a chapter at a time for the bigger story. That’s why I’m thinking of breaking it down into mini series depending on how long each thirty days is and how dramatic / traumatic they are. This post might not actually make sense until chapter 5 is read. I am untrained in writing, especially long pieces like this. I think writing it one chapter at a time is actually helping me keep track, especially when I put them all into a folder after I’m done with them. Then I have the “master” document which has everything as one big cohesive piece. Now if these thirty days are short enough, I can post them into the larger story as a chapter. That will guarantee 28 chapters but that’s a bit LONG in a single story and that’s just what I have written down, not counting the one that I purposely skipped. I could group some together based on characteristics which will probably be the end game. Throwing ideas out. Untamed, unskilled, untrained, unfocused, and very easily distracted after another thought and another idea. BIG problem when writing. That’s mainly why I never pushed this “talent” / “gift”.


~ by davisddesigns on May 15, 2015.

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