Name Explaination

I did research. I tried finding a name that meant “obedience” or “obedient” in whatever language I could find and had extreme difficulties. Even tried to translate the words into different languages to come up with a name to no avail. Had the same problems with “overcomer”. The ordained one was always harping at the core (shouldn’t say harping but its the best word that I can think of right now to fit the situation), over obedience. One message – fight and obedience. Always rebuking because of disobedience. She was frustrated almost daily because of the disobedience that the core was working. That’s why I wanted her name to be something of obedience. MOST of what I found is not something we can pronounce unless we speak the language the name came from. Couldn’t really find anything at all about an overcomer except one website. It gave Audri for a name whose spiritual connotation means “overcomer of many difficulties”.


Elizabeth means “devoted to God”, Binta means “with God” and Aurora’s connotation means “mouthpiece of God”. That’s why Elizabeth’s middle name will be Aurora, not that it will play any significance at this point, and that is why the demons call her Binta. It would have been a shame to go through all that work and find really good names (Binta might not be good but it sounded cool) just to let one go to waste.


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