A Second Chance

“I have been gone for months and I thought surely you would have changed in this area. You’re still not fighting and I can tell just by what’s going on. Here I am, close to where I was when I left. Yes your heart is softer and maybe you’ll be easier to work with this time around. I don’t know where you’re at but I will find you. Now hopefully you can hear me shouting at you because I have instructions for you.


Are you ready? Pick a time in the morning to pray. Set an alarm for that same time on your days off and with this you will learn how to be loyal, how to be dedicated. Whether you pray better with or without music does not matter, just pick the one that’s better for you. If you pray better with music and you have a favorite worship song, listen to it. Afterwards praise the Lord and for your praise you say ‘hallelujah’, ‘thank you Jesus’, and you clap your hands. Behind praise is worship. An example would be saying ‘God I praise you. I thank you for who you are in my life’ and just appreciate him. Tell him how glad you are that he is in your life. Tell him who he is to you. Love on him. You are going to do this every day and for three days a week you are going to set aside to tap into one thing behind your deep dark door. Or in this case, what is behind these walls.


Make a list of everything in here. Put a star next to the one thing you are working on and I hear God saying that you will do this for thirty days. For thirty days you will deal with one thing, out of the thirty take three days a week to focus on it. Gather two or three scriptures to come against what you are dealing with. Within the thirty days you will be tried in it. Don’t get scared, some of this will not be as hard or as bad as you think it might be. You are going to be prophesying to yourself. Just prophesy, declare, and decree; do not rebuke or bind. Speak into the atmosphere and into your spirit. On day thirty all you do is praise and rejoice, do not pray. Take your prayer time to praise. This will be like the walls of Jericho falling down when the children of Israel walked around for seven days and on the seventh day they praised God. Also at the end of the thirty days, call me in the natural and give me a report of what went on through out the month. Better yet, call me each week and give me a report. I say each week because you will go through something different every week.


Everything is a process with God. It’s time for your life and your mindset to line up with the word of God. Repeat that to yourself. Last thing is to not sit down on testimony service. We overcome by the blood and word of our testimony. You have a lot to testify about. God woke you up this morning in your right mind when other people don’t even wake up at all. They go to sleep and die in their sleep. The fact you have activity of your limbs is a testimony. Plus the more you seek God your testimonies will change and they will come to have power. And that is all I hear. You better praise God for another chance to get things right. It’s really time, you’re past due for receiving power of the holy ghost and past due for your deliverance. With that, I am done…oh and Audri, I know I don’t tell you enough but I love you. Just know God loves you best”


“Thank you Elizabeth”. No more than a whisper, the core responded to the ordained one’s voice. She did as the ordained one spoke, when she stopped hearing her voice she started to silently praise God for the second chance. She knew the second chance was really a second chance to work with Elizabeth as well as a second chance to get things right. A very minute joy arose in her at being able to hear the ordained one’s voice again. Such a small amount of joy with such a great amount of fear and distrust overwhelmed her. Two particular guards that were on patrol rushed back when they two heard the voice. The group shifted to being consisted of nothing more than rejection, orphan, fear, distrust, anger, and hurt. Everyone else dispersed for patrol to try and discourage their disruptor.


“Hey where is indifference? He is supposed to keep the heart hard and here it is shedding the stone like a crocodile sheds scales. I know all of us can still sense him but where is he?” That one guard who asked the question was right, their ally had disappeared in the chaos. Audri who knew where all the guards where, even though she did not know all the names, could not even find this particular one. If it was gone, the rest of the stone would have instantly fallen off but it was still a slow “process” as Elizabeth had said.


“Yes we want him to help fight off Binta. Have someone go find him and while they are looking, send obsession and idolatry back over with slumber. We may not be able to work her but we can surely work the core. She needs to go to sleep and dream a very painful dream,” another spoke. He spoke with authority as if he was the assigned leader. Behind Audri, he had the most power inside the labyrinth and the only reason she was so helpless was due to the zapper on her throat. They silenced her, which crippled her.


“Whatever you say, Control. They will be here soon but it may take a while to find him.”


“Just go and while you are out, do as much distraction as you can. That is, after all, your name. Rejection stop beating on her and talk to her, you can do more damage talking than beating. She is very thick skinned because of us; she can endure a severe beat down better than being talked to. Remind her of the pain from the day when the inner walls crumbled. Keep her until Slumber can put her to sleep.”


Control was a thin gentleman looking creature. He wore a purple suit jacket with purple trousers and a purple tie. The rest of his outfit – shoes, gloves, shirt, and hat were black. His face could not be made out due to him being a shadow like figure; Audri only recognized him for his clothes and the authority he wielded over the guards.


Distraction left and spoke loudly as he disappeared. He called on others to help him distract her from her instructions. Day two of her thirty, he sent in an occurrence that she had completely forgotten about for self-survival. A tragedy had befallen her as a child, one she knew nothing about before God revealed bits of it. Audri only knew what, but not who, and she was scared to even seek the Lord for who. She knew she was going to some day; it was something on her list that she had written. Confusion also came with it, causing her to question why it was even popping up in her mind in the first place. No rhyme or reason other than to “distract” her from the focused path she was on. She pushed through to persevere. Days passed, her three to focus on that “one” came and she chose Rejection to be the “one”. On the first day to the last, he was silent. Finally a blessing of him being silent, being able to be rooted and grounded in God’s love for her; in that peace, she gained confidence that he loved her.


To her dismay, on the day after, Rejection spoke again. He did as commanded, he whispered in Audris’ ear about the time right before the walls fell. All that work over the three days to try and establish roots where nullified. Her reassurance of God wanting her, of him adopting her, fleeted as she prayed her scheduled morning prayer. A song kept playing in her mind during that prayer, just three little words “he loves me” and she knew it was a song from a radio station but she could not remember anything else about it. It played all day while she was awake except during church hours. A prophetic word came during service and it created fear of being left behind, fear of God forgetting about her and rejecting her as he elevated everyone else. This one guard had the power to separate her from the security of the Lord God Almighty. That distress isolated her heart to the point of her leaving and lying about the reason why. On Mother’s Day she left after service was out but not because she was tired. She left because of the fear that Rejection had placed in her spirit as he talked to her. When her physical body got home to go to bed, to sleep off the effects instead of praying it off, that’s when he began to work on her the more. He reminded her about the fear she had felt before “Binta” left, before abandoning, and rejecting her. Just like role-play, he vividly spoke about the past all the way up to the moment of her saying her assignment was over with her. There were many days he covered, many moments had to be relived just to hurt her enough until the others appeared.


Even in her sleep she had no rest most of the time. Her core self tortured with the visual imagery she watched as if they were a bedtime movie. They weren’t dreams in which she had no control over; they were labeled as “visuals” because that is how she thought. She didn’t think with words as if she was mentally talking to someone, she thought in images and movie clips, like a daydreamer. Some were pleasant, some where dreadful, some were tormenting, and very few were frightening. As he talked to her, she began to imagine and see every word he spoke into her inner self; into the core self’s ears.


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