I do have a couple titles for this post but I don’t want to use them in case I end up writing a post that needs that title. I don’t want to confuse anyone. I’m more than just a blogger and I’m not even an active blogger. In fact, this blog was started as a homework assignment for a class back in college. Ideally I had plans to use it to spread the gospel that the current preacher was preaching but things happened and I think I’ve put some of that on here in a very old past post. Then I went silent. More things happened and I got happy and wanted to come back and turn this into a testimony blog. Again it became inactive due to things happening and testimonies dying, making way for new depressions, griefs, sorrows and sufferings. I’ve been so inactive I even forgot my login information.


As you read, you notice that the past 3 posts have had this thought process going. Same story line without interruption. It all started with Falling Walls, behind that came Who Will Contend. Lastly was I AM. I’ve already got a 4th one coming and it wasn’t supposed to turn out this way. I just wanted to describe something in Falling Walls. That was supposed to be it. Then came 2, 3, and 4. So I’m going to keep on and it might be a long story of a testimony. Already have a title and already putting all the stories together into 1, turning them into chapters. I’ve wanted to write a book and I was prophesied to last year saying I was going to. Anyone who has put up walls to defend themselves from hurt of any kind can relate to the first story. Anyone who has put up walls as a defense mechanism, that the Lord has saved, can relate to the rest of the stories in some magnitude; especially the ones who have come so far from their beginning walk with the Lord.


So walk with me as I write on testimony of the deep. That’s my current title to the overall “book” and that may change by the time I finish. I’ve already got the infrastructure of chapter 4 planned out, and the last few lines planned out. Anyone wondering who the “core” is or who the “ordained one” is will just have to keep wondering. I haven’t thought about any names for anyone in this storyline. Basic rule of a story is character names and I’m sorry for breaking that fundamental rule but when I find out what I want to call everyone I’ll let you know. The way I’ll let you know is by typing their name out in the story (duh). Anyways, this is an update and I plan on having the next chapter thing out in a few days. I’ll be doing two versions because I am full aware not everyone can read KJV or understand KJV. So I’m also doing NLT since that’s the version the radio station I listen to uses.


~ by davisddesigns on May 4, 2015.

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