Falling Walls

There once was a very smooth, very sleek, very thick, vertical cylinder large wall that stretched for what seemed like a thousand miles high. This wall was built over years of heartache, trouble, hurt, anger and rejection. After enough suffering, a contract was made to build this particular wall and the contents inside. To prevent anyone from getting to the top and climbing over it, a significant amount of layers were added to extend outward. The builder thought, “no matter how high this wall is, if it stays straight it can still be scaled. I need to add something that would be strenuous to the body, something that would be nearly impossible to do, anything that would be equal to sending someone to hell and back. That is enough to deter anyone from ever being interested in trying to reach the ‘core’.” A few more years and it was done to their satisfaction. They knew the “core” would be cut off from feeling anything concerning love as well as anymore hurt. It seemed as if no one and nothing could reach the center of this vast area closed off by its wall. An impossible wall of intimidation that was too big and too high. For it was half as large in its circumference as it was in height.


The contract was purposed to protect the broken heart of the core and it was not just for the wall either. There was microscopic fine print that the client could not read. Once the builder was done, he moved on to build a labyrinth with twenty-foot mobile walls. Just like God, the builder started to speak and those walls began to appear. Even though he was trying to be like God, he couldn’t say, “let there be” and by the power of his will all things were created. That power was reserved for the Almighty. No he did not speak into existence but he already had the premade labyrinth walls with him. Before the contract was written he asked for permission to write it and build it, he asked for permission to have the necessary pieces for the maze. Lastly he talked to the client and sold everything to the client and upon his talking to the client, he was allowed permission to place the walls in their perspective places with all the other devilish defenses within the labyrinth.


God wasn’t worried when the builder came to ask for permission to construct his masterpiece with all his strongholds. For God knew he was going to one day come and tear everything down so he could receive glory with praise. He listened as the builder approached the client and spoke “I know a-b-c happened and you feel x-y-z. Do you not want to feel this hurt anymore? I can close you off to the very love that caused this wound and I can close you off to the pain.” Hurting hormonal teenagers are influential and this one said, “do it”. What this child did not know was that there was an eggshell shaped stone. It was hallow on the inside but the walls were so thick, another person could spend decades chipping away at it with a pickaxe. The hard heart shell in the center of the maze binding what God had purposed for this child. To add on and make matters worse, the girl was chained with special chains underneath the levitating stone. They were special because they made no sound as she moved yet were strong enough to be unbreakable. These chains had to be unlocked and the key was somewhere in the maze. On top of that, she had a collar that would zap her throat if she made any kind of sound above a whisper so she could not scream out for help or cry out for anything. There it was, the masterpiece was set to forever keep the core bound and that’s when God said “not so”.


When “not so” was spoken, instantly the bottom of the impossible wall changed. No more was it just part of the wall, it transformed into multiple never-ending doors across the whole structure. Every piece was a door and as soon as one stopped, another started. To the eye of the beholder it still looked like a wall piece but there was a way into the maze without killing oneself trying to climb. Over the years, everyone the core came across could see the wall. Just the visual intimidation pushed people away before they even got close enough to experience the magnitude of the situation. Others came closer and stopped with the misty fog surrounding the infrastructure. Few made it to the base; some are still circling around the base trying to find the way in. They know there has to be a door somewhere with the task appearing so impossible; by faith they know there is an easier way. With it being so big around, no one ever saw each other as they circled. One could find the door and slip into the labyrinth with no one else ever knowing.


Then it happened. One came in. That person never got past the first round of the maze with it so ever changing and shifting. So they just stayed, drifting along the outer layers until one day they exited to go home. During that time, another one entered at a different door. This one was different; this one was looked upon as a mother like figure, the first Christian one. Don’t get me wrong, the first one was a Christian too but he was never anything more than a long distance pen pal friend. He couldn’t stand against the towering weight of depression, or the outbursts of rage and what he suffocated for was love. There was none in that maze. She was so bound in chains and her love was inside the stoned heart, she could not experience love and she had none to give. So he found another and she drew him out and away from the broken child; he moved on and disappeared. When the time came for this girl to let him go, it was easy because he was no longer actually there.


The motherly figure made it past a few rounds but she too stayed at a certain layer and she too had to go. This woman was close enough for the child to actually cry when told, “let her go”. Ten years of being desensitized to that kind of pain, when she did cry it was very hard very fast and the rest of the hurt was bottled up and tucked away with the rest of the bottled up hurt. All those years to learn how to be compartmentalized which helped. Within five minutes later a call was made and the girl switched boxes on the other side of the spectrum to the point where the caller could not tell that she had just separated herself from the motherly figure. The builder knew what he was doing while he built and assigned everything. A wall of anger here, a wall of deceit there, a wall of manipulation over there, one for fear somewhere close to the core, mental disorders for walls, immaturity, selfishness, imitation, obsession, idolatry; all walls with many more to keep the people from reaching the child.


Before the first two left, three more found their way in. A preacher husband and his wife and then “the one” that God ordained to be there. The pastor found his way into the maze rather quickly and the understanding as to how still has not been gathered even two years later. His wife took a little while later but she made it too and God himself placed the ordained one. He placed her past multiple layers for her beginning; she didn’t have to go through any of the ordeal before that point. This one got to skip trying to find the door, skip every emotion, obstacle and problem up to where she was that everyone else would have to go through. However, what she went through as her beginning was drastic. Yes she skipped things but that was easy compared to what she was put into. Still, she ended up being the closest to the child and the Lord showed her what was locked away in that stone. Meanwhile, as she was making her way through, He was taking that stone and chipping away at it. He had begun transforming it into a heart of flesh.


About this time, the outward appearance had the child as an adult. She was twenty-three when God put the ordained one into her life and still between five and seven years old on the inside. A small child seeking love, a teenager seeking the same love the child is but never found it. The adult version still desperately desiring after that parental love the child inside craves. This adult went through a war opposing the ordained one and it was twice as hard. Twice as hard because it wasn’t focused on a full out war, she was unstable and unable to decide on if she wanted the help that was sent or if she was too comfortable and too scared to let her tormentors go. She had become used to them and they had become part of her. As the ordained one got closer to the center, the child could hear her voice but could not answer. Finally someone close enough to come and love her, rescue her, comfort her, make her feel like she was wanted; like she belonged. Twenty-four years old and this was the first time in her life for as far back as she could remember, she felt this way. Never as a teenager, never as a young adult, and she doesn’t believe as an older child either. She could only hear “mom’s” voice but not what mom was doing to every wall she overcame to reach the point she was at.


Suddenly as the broken child was gaining hope that she could be free of her shackles and drop some of the guards, the voice began to diminish and then it vanished. She had finally come to the point of making a decision of wanting the help, of wanting to surrender in the war and to let go and let God. Every time that time was scheduled for mom to spend time with daughter, it was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. What the ordained one did not seem to pick up on was the fact that the unforeseen circumstances that caused delays and cancellations were like fiery darts to the child and that the child had no protection against them. She tried to dodge as much as she could but the armor of the Lord was not upon her and some of the arrows grazed her skin. When a scratch was made, the builder came in to talk to her and accuse her for the situation she was in. He began to say things like “this is happening because you did a – b – c to her. You deserve this, you weren’t forgiven and its not under the blood even though you said you repented. She will not forgive what you’ve done to her, she don’t want you around.” He took some of mom’s own words and rearranged them into his own sentences to torment the child with. The girl was prophetically told she was free and with that, the assignment for the ordained one was over. As soon as it set in that the assignment was over, that the voice had disappeared, the girl had no strength to dodge and every single arrow pierced her and the talking affected her in a terrible way.


God was in the ordained one leaving because he didn’t let either the girl or the builder see what the ordained one was doing. As she walked away, walls in the labyrinth began to crumble. The chaos and turmoil of the sea that the disciples faced had started in this maze with the builder and his guards. Every step she took caused a wall to fall and the Lord placed another person past the rubble. He led another one into the beginning of the maze, someone the child had not expected to be in. Honestly she didn’t expect the ordained to be that close, didn’t expect her to leave, didn’t expect the new one to be placed where he was placed, didn’t expect any of what was going on. Certain strongmen began to run to the brokenhearted child, to surround her and guard her from those coming in to help her. Her day of deliverance is coming, she just needs to stand and wait on the salvation of the Lord. As well as seek him for the bonds of wickedness to be loosed so she can run for her life. That stone protecting her true self – God will deal with the rest of the way; remember he started turning the heart of stone into flesh somewhere in the past year of this child’s adult life. Indifference has its hands full and cannot take anymore so when her heart bleeds, she has no choice but to run to God and learn how to surrender it to him and let him be the healer he says he is. That is what she believes.


The contract was made so long ago and was built upon for many years, only to be destroyed in a fraction of the time. God is delivering this child and destroying the double-edged sword of a protection she had. This sword had a side to protect her and a side to hurt her. No one could hurt her but everything in that maze could. Every guard the builder had put in his work had power over this girl but none had permission to destroy her.


~ by davisddesigns on March 8, 2015.

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