The Cost Of Eating Out & Eating Unhealthy

I’m not much of a healthy eater. Growing up, every Sunday was McDonalds happy meals after being drug to a Baptist church.  My family ate a lot of McDonalds and so it was no surprise that my first job was there. The one thing I remember most about that job was this one scrawny, tall teenaged boy. He made the comment about working for six months and eating there every day. Basically he declared he wouldn’t eat McDonalds after quitting because of the overdose of the food while working for them. Needless to say, the constant meals did not affect me. In fact, I think they played a huge part in me being addicted. What really makes it worse is the fact I worked in the company at three different locations, three different times in my life. The time I spent at each location was six months, three or four months, and then nine months.  I even ate there on my days off. Yes I can understand why I weigh what I do, why I’m in poor health like I am. What I don’t understand is why, at least to me, my body looks like I weigh at least fifty lbs heavier. Better yet, I don’t understand why my numbers on the scale are dropping and the numbers on my clothes are rising.


Just because I said I’m not a healthy eater does not mean I don’t like healthy foods. Most of the unhealthy foods I do eat include Monster energy drinks, processed chicken nuggets, lots of butter, precooked sausage patties, and eating out constantly. When I go out to eat I basically go to Subway and a Chinese restaurant. I used to go for Japanese a lot too but that was before the last doctor’s visit. My test results came back and the doctor said my cholesterol shot up fifty points and I knew exactly why – the butter that my Japanese dishes are cooked in. Not only was I eating high buttered food from the nearest Japanese restaurant, I was cooking a lot of my food at home in high quantities of butter. He didn’t say anything about my blood pressure but I was recently told the Chinese food I like is high in salt and if that’s true, I’ll be limiting the Chinese intake.


There’s a post called “Addiction Testimony” and in it, I stated I’m not addicted to McDonalds food anymore. To this day, I barely eat McDonalds at all and I’m happy about it. Last week during the trip down to Florida, we stopped at McDonalds a couple of times and I was ok with eating one meal there. The next morning, breakfast was brought from there and I was not happy. We didn’t eat at McDonalds the rest of the trip. Ya know; I really am happy that I am no longer a slave to their food or their tea. There’s freedom in that.


As free as I am from McDonalds, I noticed a change in my diet. Sure I dropped them off but I picked up the Chinese buffet. I go basically once a week now and what I eat varies but the core is basically the same. If there is enough time to sit down and eat, my meal will be mostly of the yellow rice (half a plate), and I’ll add the fried mushrooms, the small eggrolls and a bowl of egg drop soup. Sometimes I’ll eat the red glazed bananas for desert. Overall, that’s what I get. I pay basically $9 for just that one plate of food and one bowl of soup. Haven’t ever really ordered from the menu to find out if it’s cheaper and I know it sounds like I don’t eat my moneys worth of food. In honesty, I don’t. When I was younger I could have two or three plates with basically the same stuff, just larger quantities. Over the years, my food intake has decreased and now I basically waste money at buffets. No I didn’t get my stomach stapled or a band around it to cut my food intake. I just grew older, grew heavier and now I don’t eat as much.


Let’s look at this change. It’s still addiction to food, it’s just the focus of the addiction is now on Chinese instead of McDonalds. While eating at McDonalds, I could get by with one double cheeseburger and a 32 oz of tea for a meal. That costs me $2.43 a day, if I ate only one meal. While working at Ryan’s Steakhouse and Buffet I would eat four fried chicken legs for one meal and eat at McDonalds for another. So for that day, my expense was just that $2.43. There was a time period where I lost ten lbs on that “diet”. I was happy about it too and then shortly afterwards, I quit there to go and work at McDonalds for the last time. Three meals there is cheaper than one meal at the Chinese place. One meal Chinese is cheaper than four meals McDonalds. If I ate two meals one day and two meals the next day, that’s still two days verses the one Chinese meal one day. Am I thinking too hard on the expenses of each restaurant? I wanted to see which is cheaper because out of a $20 food budget a week, McDonalds appears cheaper. I mean, one meal at the Chinese place practically takes half my budget right then and there. So for the sake of the budget and how I was eating, yes McDonalds was cheaper.


Subway is $5 for one meal every time I go. Rarely do I ever get double meat and those days are the only exceptions to paying $5.30 per visit. I don’t get the meals mostly because the sub itself is enough and I already have a drink. It used to be the fact I would have a McDonalds tea plus the sub so that’s $6.36 on those days between the two. Still, that isn’t a bad pricing compared to now. When I dropped McDonalds off completely, I started eating more expensively. I drink 10 energy drinks a week and the gas station that carries the flavor I like most has a deal of 2 for $4 which isn’t bad because one is $2.85. Every weekday I pay $4 for those plus eating out. Any given day I can spend $10-15 easy. Putting it into that perspective, no wonder I’m always broke. Though it’s unhealthier, McDonalds used to be cheaper. After I started at the bank, my burger intake went from just one to three. So I was spending $3-5 a whack at McDonalds plus the $4 at the gas station. Wow I spend a lot of money on food and most of it really is unhealthy. I’m happy for the trip down to Florida and I’ll say why next post.


That’s pretty much what I eat now. Chinese Buffet when I pay full dinner price and only eat one plate and one bowl worth of food. Add Subway, Monster energy drinks and that’s my eating out diet. That’s in the process of changing and I hope for the better. This is just wow and it’s on the pathetic side of wow. Really can understand why I’m in the shape I’m in. Wow. What makes it worse is the restaurant per person ratio. There’s so many restaurants here based on this population ratio that we are test subjects for major food corporations. There are food items on the McDonalds menu here in town that isn’t mass distributed across the country. They test us to see how well it sells with us. If it’s not good then the rest of everyone don’t ever see it. We aren’t the only test subject towns/cities that they do that to. Just saying, some areas across the country have too many restaurants in whatever town and huge companies like McDonalds see that. The mentality is “if it can survive there, it can survive anywhere”. Maybe that’s why we can order large drinks and in styrofoam cups for just a dollar and in Florida a large drink only comes in plastic and cost over $2. I don’t think ours even sell large plastic cups anymore. Everyone always wants their drinks in styrofoam and mainly its because the ice melts slower.


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