Color Reminder

Ok this isn’t really for anyone else, just a reminder for me. However, if you do like the red I use on the scriptures then this is for you too. It’s a softer red against the black because the default red is just too much. Highlight the text and go to “more colors” and type in the number area #E03C41. That’s the code/number for the red I use. Because it’s so specific and not in the defaults, whenever I want it I basically have to copy it from another post. Then I have to somehow keep the color when going into AI so I can sample it for the number.

It goes straight to Microsoft Word just fine, it keeps the color. However, I can’t copy and paste in AI because the text goes black. What I end up doing is copy it to word and then drag it over to AI and sample it. Or I take a screen shot and open it up in AI and sample from there. Like I said, a reminder for me. I don’t want to keep doing that so I’m writing this and telling myself (and everyone else), “hey this is what you need to put in the color source section”. Anyways, there you have it. I’m sharing that shade with you all.


~ by davisddesigns on May 18, 2013.

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