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Ok let’s finish off this addiction postings. I’m dropping off the subject of books because I only know one person who can even be classified as a book addict. That leaves the subject of “electronics” as the last addiction I’ll be covering. I know in the listings, cigarettes were supposed to be after video games, computers, and televisions but I really wanted to end this with a “thump”. Reason being, I also suffer from addiction to electronics…mainly the computer. In my defense, my life was formed to revolve around the computer. I don’t mean it as in “I grew up on computers and that need was planted in me at an early age”. As a little girl I dreamed to be a game designer and you need to be on the computer to design games. I went to school and they taught us computer skills. I went to the first college and that was all computer based. I’m in my second college with four weeks left and it’s an online schooling. Every step in my life has been to keep me tied down to this machine. If it could dictate how I breathe, it would. So lets get started shall we?


Computers came first. The first computer was big and compared to today – extremely slow. Yet, it had its functions and people were happy with it. As time went on, they got smaller and faster. My first computer ran Windows 95 and had a RAM speed of maybe half a gigabyte. Then I upgraded to Windows 2000 on up to XP. If I could find a computer today that still works from the late 90’s and had 95 on it…I think I would throw it out the window. That’s how fast computers and technology is today and how impatient we as humans are today. Our parents and grandparents have more patience than we do because they remember those days when we weren’t trying to move the speed of sound. It’s possible our grandparents remember the times before computers even existed. Things were a lot slower then and people learned patience.


As I said, I’m a computer addict. With the way my life is now with me working on a computer at the bank I can honestly say I’m an addict. Within an hour of waking up I am on the computer and I practically stay there until I go to sleep. Studies have shown that computer activity before bed keeps your brain active which in turn keeps you awake. I might think about that because I do know that I don’t just automatically fall asleep. I can stay in a dream like state for half an hour to an hour. Sometimes I never really sleep; I stay half awake and half asleep for the whole night. For those of you who don’t know what its like, I’m awake enough to dream but asleep enough to get some rest. I think that’s what you call a “light sleeper”.


The sad part about all this is the fact that I just waste time on the computer. More than half the time I spend on it is doing absolutely nothing. I’m starting to nap while sitting in front of the laptop now. That’s how unproductive I am but it didn’t used to be like that. I used to spend hours on the computer playing video games and chatting with people on social websites or instant messengers. Then there were days I would spend hours reading a manga from start to finish or spend hours watching television on the computer. Now, I sit here and write extremely long blog posts ^ ^ I want to say a third of computer addicts are also game addicts. Then I want to say another third is business oriented and the last is still productive in some way.


After computers came the game consoles. I’m skipping television even though I know there are television addicts worldwide as well. I’ve done marathons of programs on TV for days and after the first few hours, was done. Just sat there and watched the rest even though my attention for it was gone. That made it feel like a chore and I hate doing things that feel like chores. TV’s came before computers and before video games. If you want to get technical, video games for the TV came before computers. The first console game that was a separate device came out in 1972. Our grandparents in their 60’s or older defiantly remember the days before video games. Atari came out in 1975 and Nintendo didn’t come out until 1977. My parents were old enough to start begging their parents for a Nintendo color.


My first game console was a Nintendo 64 and I loved those Mario games. The N64 kept me occupied and somewhat happy when I was in the hospital. Spending two or three days at a time can get boring and I was grateful for that system. The next console was the Playstation. Games evolved between N64 to Sony Playstation. I was shocked and amazed at the graphics, at the speed of the game and at the fact they were on disks instead of game cartridges. Something else that amazed me was the variety. To be honest, I think Sony started the actual boom in gaming. Popular games like Legend of Dragoon and Final Fantasy started their life cycle for Sony. Dragoon might make a nice return if they updated it for the PS3. Mortal Kombat was and is a popular fighting game that also has roots in Playstation. Granted, it was an arcade game first but what we have today is so much different. Ratchet and Clank would not be around today if it weren’t for the PS1.


Video games are such a popular past time that they have game tournaments. They have game conventions and people die from spending too much time on them. People die from spending too much time on the computer too but they are on that computer for the games. Some games like Halo make millions off each game because the fan base is that huge. One computer game comes to mind – World of Warcraft (WOW). That game makes millions off its users by just selling the rights to play the game and own the disk. They then turn around and charge a monthly fee to play that game that cost the person at least $60 to buy. Plus there are the “in game” purchases of this and that gear which cost the player even more money. I’ve said that game is a game that burns a hole in your pocket and I mean it. It doesn’t matter to the addict. They spend money on games like that as if they were rich and they call themselves devoted fans. Hear how they complain when they can’t pay for something or can’t afford that month’s bill.


I praise God that I was not that deeply rooted in video games. I was a gamer but as I grew older, I grew out of games and more into wasting time on the computer. So more or less, I switched one addiction to the other. At least this addiction is cheaper. I’m still going to give glory to God because I believe he had a part to play in me not selling myself to video games. I had a chance to go back and buy a game series within the six months of me being out in the world. Luckily, I had no job so I was broke. To rebuy that game and its expansions I had accounts on, it would have cost me over $100. I knew I would just be throwing it away again so I saved what little money I had. The game was great but it wasn’t that great.


Ok last is the smart phones. I’m not saying “cell phones” because cell phones have been around for a while. I remember when the cell phone was basically only good for making phone calls and for showing off. You know, back when the razor and the sliver came out. Having a flip phone or a thin phone was the hottest thing on the block but they were still pretty useless except to make phone calls. Now we have smart phones that are like handheld computers we stuff in our pockets or purses. I have an iPhone and I go through mood swings with it. Some days I have it on me and I’m constantly on it. Other days, I just lay it down and don’t even bother to look at it. I will say that during the week, I have my phone with me. Most of it is for the purpose of the music capabilities on it while some of it is for the social apps like Facebook. I’ve seen little kids younger than 10 years old carrying iPhones around and acting like they deserve to have one. I’ve seen others around 10 or 11 years old walking around with a smart phone and staring at it. From experience, when your staring at your phone you are reading something someone said. Either its in a text message or a social network message. So here I am, watching preteenagers and little kids socialize via computer technology. Some of those same children probably wake up to the phone and go to bed to that phone. Not normal.


Parents, if you want to know if your child is addicted to a computer, game console or cell phone then I advise you to ground them from it for about a month. You can go longer if you want to but a month will show you if they are or are not.


Science has made claims against this upgrade in technology. At least, to me it sounds like they are making claims against the upgrade. They have stated that certain parts of our brains that our ancestors used, like memory, we don’t really use because we program everything into the phones. There are some people who hear that and they ponder to the past and think about how they used to know everyone’s phone numbers and how they used to be able to do this and that in math but can’t anymore.  I learned my house number from programming it into the phone and then having to go back and look at it for applications. I won’t program grandparents cell phone numbers into my phone for the sake of not wanting to be lazy. I don’t use speed dial. Some times I do forget my house number so I’m glad I never deleted it from the address book.


There are work numbers, email addresses and restaurant numbers in my contact list and I can’t remember all them. I have an excel spreadsheet with all my passwords because I have so many accounts, I can’t keep up with what password goes to what. I don’t use the same password for everything and I never have. As it sounds, I’m not all that smart when it comes to computers but I do have some common sense. I spend too much of my time on electronics just like the average person of today in America. I just accept it as “that’s life”.


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