Addiction – Cigarettes

Cigarettes…these are a lot more intertwined in my life than what I would like to admit. I myself do not smoke them but family and other acquaintances do. People ask me if I smoke, apparently because I look like I do, and I respond with “why should I? I know enough people who do it for me”. Yes I respond in a rude and crude way but that’s how I feel about it.

Grandfather smokes and he got cancer from it. Dad occasionally smokes but he still smokes. Mom smokes daily. Growing up as a teen, all my adult friends smoked. Even now, the non-hostile people at work that I occasionally hang out with smoke. I bounce back and forth between hanging out with smokers and not hanging out with them. Cigarettes are a big part of my life even though I’m not the one puffing them.

I really don’t understand how people can smoke. The smoke reeks and I’m sorry but smells stick around for a long time. My clothes smell of cigarette smoke because it’s in the house, in the car and occasionally right in front of me. I can’t really get it in my eyes without having burning and itching eyes as a side effect. What really gets my attention is all these commercials about second hand smoking leading to cancer just as much as first hand smoking. Cancer seems to be a plague in my family and truth be told, I don’t want to suffer that because of my ancestors. I’m already suffering the sins of the fathers for a lot of other things; I don’t want to add this to the list.

How does a nicotine addict operate? They see prices for their precious cigarettes go up by the carton. If pricing keeps going up, how will they afford that cigarette? Will the turn into an addict for the hard stuff? Will they start stealing from the family to support their crave? What would happen to them if they cannot get their fix like they want to because it costs too much?

I know withdrawal symptoms hit everyone differently; however, there is one common denominator – irritability. No matter the addiction, when a person starts to suffer from withdrawal you will see a mood swing. I literally can’t say much on cigarette addiction because I have only seen addicts. They are a common, every day part of my life. I know that when an addict eats, they always seem to want to smoke afterwards. I don’t understand that part about them either.

A friend from high school ended up getting a job at a buffet restaurant. I joined him later on and started working there too. After months of being there, I saw him change. He didn’t smoke in high school or any time leading up to that job. Supposedly, the stress drove him to start smoking cigars. After he was hooked on the cigars he went to cigarettes. I confronted him about him smoking and he said he could quit any time. He was going through a pack a day and he said he could quit. That was back in 2010 and he still smokes today. We kind of went our ways after he quit that job and I didn’t see him again until this year but when I saw him, he had a cigarette in his mouth.

I like how addicts think they can quit any time they want to. I like how they feel like they are not addicted and that they just do it for the pleasure of it. I’m a smart addict. I know I’m addicted and I know I can’t quit on my own. I know these addictions own me and rule my life. I also know my king, my God has power and authority over them. Lastly, I know he gave me that authority so whenever I get around to the point of wanting to get free from these addictions I can. That’s the hard part right there – wanting to be free from an addiction. I say that because the addiction tells you that you like it too much and you don’t want to be free from it. Really, the best way to be able to decide for yourself if you want freedom is to be in withdrawal. That or be desperate enough to cry out past the control of those addiction spirits.


~ by davisddesigns on April 2, 2013.

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