Addictions – Drugs

Ok, part two of the mini series about the different types of addictions out there. This one is going to be about drugs. I’ve already talked about food and in the food addiction post I listed the rest of what I was going to talk about. Drugs were first on the list so I decided to do this first. I’ll just follow that list because I have no other order to go by.


There are two types of drugs – prescription and non. The non-prescription drugs cover the illegal drugs like cocaine, marijuana, acid and so forth. All I know about those is that they cause hallucinations and they destroy your brain. I know some prescription drugs do the same. Since I don’t have experience with the illegal drugs, only know people who have, I cannot really talk about an addiction to them. However, I can talk about addictions to prescription drugs. I could research addiction to drugs yet I will not do that. These postings about addictions are from my personal experience, not what is recorded online. If you want to know about them, research it on your own.


What seems to be the addictive drug of choice is a pain pill. I can’t speak for pill poppers because I’m not one. I’m as much anti pill as they are pro pill. Also, I don’t know what they pop in their mouths like candy. I don’t know if its just pain pills or if its anti depressants as well. Whatever they do, it’s their body and their mind they are destroying. The reason I can even post about drug addiction is because I have been addicted to one pill in times past, and I went through an interesting experience with another not too far back.


Loritabs. I was prescribed those back when I was 17 for any pain after the simple surgery. I just recently met a pharmacist who said no surgery is a simple surgery. When a surgery has no threat of side effects doing any damage – its simple. Also, if it’s not really opening you up and seeing what’s on the inside of the body – it’s simple. I said this wasn’t going to be about researched information found online but I am on an article that talks about loritab addiction. Just found out its in the same category as vicodin which is a very interesting fact for me on a personal basis. I’ll get to why later on in the post. That simple surgery did not hurt after the fact nearly as much as the problem I had surgery for did. Being 17 and not a believer in God, describing the difference in worldly terms is “it was like heaven”. I did hurt a bit, enough to take a loritab. I said I hate pills. I would rather suffer a migraine for more than 12 hours before I take an ibuprofen. So taking a loritab means I was in enough pain to need one. After a few days, I stopped hurting. More so, I was just uncomfortable. By that time I was starting to get real happy, tipsy, and wanted to take a pill for any minor thing. My sexual drive went up while on that pill as well and my daydreams were more realistic. I had started to get addicted just after 3-5 days of taking the pills. Being 17 and at home, the parental guidance I had decided to get rid of the pills as to prevent the addiction growing any stronger. It was a brief encounter with addiction to pain pills and I doubt I’ll forget it. When I got off them I was slightly more irritable than usual and all I wanted to do was sleep more than usual.


The vicodin aspect actually doesn’t surprise me all that much. About 2-3 years back I had to get my bottom two wisdom teeth removed. One of them was coming in wrong, causing inflammation in my mouth and just flat out hurt. So the dentist drugged me to knock me out. My mouth was numb to some degree for up to 12 hours. Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s not normal is it? Anyways, they prescribed me vicodin. The full prescription was a bottle of 600 MG ibuprofen and a bottle of 500 MG vicodin. I started off with the ibuprofen and was doing pretty decent on that until one of the stitches became loose and started to pull every time I ate. So I switched over to vicodin. I only did that because I watched House and knew that he was addicted to them. What went through my mind was “if they make him feel better then maybe one will make me feel better”. Well…yea…it did. It made me tipsy, everything was funny, and I lost my sense of balance. I was half aware of what was going on in my surroundings. More so, I was aware of what was going on but not enough to really do anything.


I started to run out of ibuprofen because the pain was increasing when the stitch started to loosen even more. Instead of one ibuprofen I started to take two. Then I started to take the over the counter pills at 200 MG when the heavier dosed pills started to disappear. By that time I was taking 4 pills, knowing what vicodin did to me. Turned around took 1 vicodin and 1 ibuprofen to make the pain go away. Then I got smart. I figured out that it was because the stitches were so loose and almost completely out. Eating pulled on the parts that were still in my mouth and that was what hurt like crazy. The worst part about the whole thing was the fact that I couldn’t take any of the pills on an empty stomach. Basically I was taking pain pills to try and prevent the pain I was going through in order to take them in the first place. To me, that does not make sense but that’s the medical field for you. What I ended up doing was get the stitches in between my teeth and bite down on them. The loose part that got caught in the food was not needed anymore so I bit it off and threw it away. After that, eating no longer hurt like it did and I could drop off the heavy doses of pills. Thankfully I did not get addicted to them but I can see why someone would take vicodin for recreational usage. I got high off that pill, if I stayed awake. I chose to sleep it off as a means of staying safe.


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