Addictions – Alcohol

The addiction I hate the absolute most. The addiction that I hate so much, I hate the addicts as well. You can be an addict to anything but this one substance and I’ll be able to tolerate you. However, if you are drunk and are around me then heaven help you. There’s a reason for all this hatred – I live with an alcoholic. I’m not one of those people who grow up with one just to turn around like them or marry one. If they have any hatred towards alcohol before that happens, theirs does not compare to mine. I’m just about to the point of physically hurting an alcoholic just for being drunk. This is the only addiction post I will sound extremely hateful in – advanced warning.

Alcohol is a curse that some stupid idiot in the family brought upon the family because of sin. God said some sins committed would reach four generations while others will reach ten. That’s just for two kinds of sin; God did not say how many generations every curse would go. That’s why you have alcoholic FAMILIES where someone was an alcoholic, their child was one, and then their child…. all the way down the bloodline. That curse for my seed and me ends with me. Any future children of mine will not have that problem and they will not meet any of their ancestors who do.

Now, this post I can talk scripture over because the bible mentions alcohol and everything it says about it is not good. There’s also a teaching on it that my now dead pastor did over alcohol and in the teaching, he said the alcoholic becomes one because of someone rejecting them. Basically everyone gets rejected, that’s just a part of life. Not everyone is pitiful enough to go and drink (like I said, this will be a much more hateful post). He also mentioned people who go to the bar to try and drown their sorrows. He said you can’t drown sorrows – they’re pretty good swimmers. I have a comment about sorrows as well – they are pretty much indestructible by human means. You can’t drown them, you can’t sleep them away, and you can’t snort them away. You can’t do anything in the natural world to get rid of them. You can’t run away from them or ignore them either. Now let’s go to those scriptures:


Proverbs 20:1

Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.


Proverbs 23:21

For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty: and drowsiness shall clothe a man with rags.


Proverbs 31

3 Give not thy strength unto women, nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings.

4 It is not for kings, O Lemuel, it is not for kings to drink wine; nor for princes strong drink:

5 Lest they drink, and forget the law, and pervert the judgment of any of the afflicted.


Ok there are many many more scriptures about alcohol but I’m not going to use those. If you do want to know more you can either search those scriptures or you can send a message or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. A few posts ago, I talked about God’s children and evil spirits. In it, I talked about evil spirits being real and gave scripture to back that up. I think I did mention addiction is one and that’s why I was doing these posts – its not mentioned in the bible because it wasn’t a big deal back then. However, alcohol is mentioned. If you want to know the spirits behind this and why families are poor generation after generation, or why every generation is angry all the time, or why every generation divorces then I’ll talk to you about it on a personal note. Being poor and angry is directly related to alcohol and the spiritual problems that come with it. I’m not so sure about divorce and the main reason I mentioned it is because I sort mortgage files at a bank. I see a lot more divorce papers than I want or need to. There is a curse behind it. Sexual immorality is connected to alcohol as well.

Let me talk about the scriptures some. The people who are classified as violent drunks fall in line with Proverbs 20:1. You ever know a drunk who just wants to eat and eat and eat and eat? Do you know people who are related to alcoholics who have that desire to continuously eat? I mentioned gluttony in the food addictions post and its here again. I’m indirectly saying an addiction to alcohol is connected to an addiction to food. Have you ever seen a skinny full-blown alcoholic? Maybe if they do drugs with a side effect of weight loss but just drinking alcohol? I didn’t think so. Not every food addict is an alcoholic but more often than not, every alcoholic is a food addict. That’s why people say someone has the beer gut. All of that eating is tied up in Proverbs 23:21.

Another curse of alcohol that’s tied to 23:21 is poverty. That is very active in my family and in me. Symptoms of the curse of poverty is not being able to hold down a job, not being able to pay bills, wasting your money on alcohol…. wasting your money period, getting into all kinds of expensive trouble, wrecking your car and having to pay for it. You get driving tickets for various things and then your insurance goes up. Overall, no matter how hard you work if you do have a job, you just seem to break even. My personal problem with poverty is taking on a lot of bills. I always seem to want bills to pay and I seem to waste a lot of money on food. If it’s not on food, I invest in stuff I never use or do after maybe two weeks. I don’t care to get a high paying job so I can be above the “just breaking even” line. I don’t want a lot of money even though everything I want to buy (only to let sit around and collect dust after a month) is expensive. I can’t seem to save that well. That statement means I’m doing better because I used to say I couldn’t save to save my life. It’s like there are holes in my pockets and they used to be bigger than what they are now.

The last one for that verse is drowsiness. Do you know people that are tired all the time? No matter how much sleep they get, they just seem tired and they want more sleep. I’m like that as well. There are more spiritual connections to sleeping all the time than just drowsiness; however, I believe that one came into my life because of the alcohol in my family. Drowsiness opens the door to fatigue and slumber just to name two. The last set of verses talks about people who are in authority or leadership positions not drinking and not to give your strength to women. What that ends up talking about is leaders who get drunk, risk fornication with a woman, and having illegitimate children.

Dropping off the scripture side – my life is spent with alcoholics. I refuse to become one because of how they live. One person drinks all day every day and no longer works a real job so he stays at home. We get into fights and more than half them he does not remember. So here I am hurting, upset, and almost to the point of a rage beating on him and he doesn’t remember what caused me to be that way. I can’t express the hate from all the fights we have had. I can’t explain what is said in those fights. It’s a bit personal; it’ll upset me to talk about them and a lot of them I don’t remember unless I start to think on it. I’m already going through an emotional roller coaster about possibly remembering something bad.

Then there’s another person in the family. His relationship to me puts me in the wrong when I say he’s stupid. I don’t feel too bad about it since the teaching I have also states that alcohol makes you stupid. Yes there is a lack of respect for this person. I really don’t know whom I have more content towards, the first one or the second one. At least the first one is trainable when he’s not drinking. The second is stubborn 100% of the time and if you try to train him, he gets mad and he’s not exactly a safe person to be around when he’s angry (drunk or sober). Only a stupid person can serve weekend jail time to serve his time for drunk driving and go to jail drunk. Also, only a stupid person drives drunk either before or in the midst of starting a trucking company. Truckers need their CDL licenses and drunk driving can get that suspended a lot faster than a normal one. I really have not responded well to that person going to jail drunk. Mostly because it cost so much to get him out and really, getting him out will ruin the vacation side of the trip to my graduation ceremony. If we don’t get him out, that business will go under and we could lose our house since the first stupid person invested so much into it. Truly alcohol makes you stupid even when you’re sober.

That’s a two generational curse that I know of. My favorite brother is drinking at the age of 17 (now 18). So that bumps it up to a three generational curse. The first person I described grew up with alcoholics so that’s a four generational curse. I don’t know how far in the family it goes. I just know, it gets worse as you repeat the sin. I hate it and I will not claim any drunk as family. Out of my immediate family that cuts 4 people out of my life. I only have 2 members I will recognize as family members. One is just now starting the process of being disowned, one is almost there and the other two don’t know I’ve disowned them. One of those two disowned me out of rage because I chose church over spending time with family. So its not really a big deal that I’m flat disowning that person as well. I’ve already cut my soul ties with them a couple years back so its not like their sins are affecting me now aside from the negative reactions I have towards them. What really sucks is I hate them so much for the verbal abuse and I was blessed to not suffer any physical abuse. I know people live and deal with violent drunks who get verbally abusive. They have it worse than I ever have and some of them don’t hate like I do. A drunk is the only kind of person I would not save if they needed to be saved or else they die. That statement right there just shows how much repenting I need to do and how much I need to seek God for this. It is not in me to easily forgive a drunk for their actions. That’s just how little of God is in me when it comes to them. Knowing that tells me I need to change.


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