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What do you think about when you think “addiction”? Webster Dictionary classifies addiction as a “compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal” It also states “persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be harmful”. The second meaning reads another way for me. It reads, “an unknown driving force that compels a person against their will to do whatever the force wants”.  As you know from earlier posts, even just the last one, that force is consisted of evil spirits aka demons. Point blank, I’m stating addiction demons force you to do what they want. So what kinds of addictions are out there (at least what I know about)? I’m going to have to break this down into a series within this series; one addiction can make a very long post by itself.




Food is an addiction. You can see that in the extremely over weight people, they have an addiction to food. There’s a driving force in them to keep eating like they do and what they do. Sadly, addiction is not the only culprit to this chain of bondage yet it’s the only one I am going to try to focus on. I’m not even really going to talk about the addiction to food, more so the fact there are specific food spirits. There’s addiction to this or that food but then there’s the name behind it. I’ll get to that part later.


Testimony of someone I know is that they had to be delivered from a health food spirit. You probably know of someone who needs that – health food nuts. The people who juice everything, eat everything organic and basically praise the benefits of doing so. They have testimonies of what that diet does to help them and stories of what they’ve heard from other people on the diet. They are addicted to food even though its health based food like vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts and seeds (sunflower seed is the one I know best). Try to get them off that diet and see the withdrawal they go through then tell me about it because I wouldn’t know what happens. I can only guess that they would get really sick and possibly depressive or irritable. How much of that mood swing is from being sick or being on withdrawal is beyond me.


A lot of people suffer from what I am calling a junk food spirit. In a nutshell it’s an addiction to junk food (wonder what my thing for nuts are today). If a person can have a health food spirit in them, what’s stopping the devil from plaguing someone else with a junk food spirit? He don’t care what side of the ditch your on, just so long as your not normal. Those over weight people we know who do not have any will power to not eat junk food are plagued with this spirit. I admit I am one. I used to eat junk food all the time and I still do eat junk food, just not as much. There’s something in me that will not let me completely cut it out. Most of what I eat now is processed food but that still counts as junk food. Junk food really goes back to the post about self-destruction mostly because it drops your ph balance to an acidic level. You’ll find yourself possibly at a ph balance around 5 to lower 6 and that’s when the body starts to suffer damage. Your cells cannot handle being that toxic that long so to protect itself, those toxins are stored in fat cells. Not only are you beginning to gain weight and stress your body out, your finding yourself sick all the time. Illness thrives in a certain level of toxicity just as well as alkalinity. Again, the devil does not care which side of the ditch you are on. Anyways, if you cannot help but eat junk food all the time and you find yourself making excuses as to why – your addicted to junk food.


Fast food is a big one for this particular area I’m living in. The main reason I say that is because for the population of people, there are more restaurants per square mile than anywhere else in the states. No we do not have as many restaurants as New York but we are like ants in the population pool compared to the giant that New York is. There is another driving force between the junk food and fast food in which I will only mention because I don’t want to go in depth about it – gluttony. I mention it because of this town. All these fast food restaurants available leaves a citizen almost hypnotized into going out to eat; no matter the cost. I can personally testify to that because I go out almost nightly even if it’s to different restaurants. Again, it’s a drive that compels me against my will to do so. The only will power I have in that is what restaurant to go to. Between the food influence ruling over this town and the fact I’m an extremely picky eater, it’s almost a guaranteed thing that I will go out. There’s really never anything at home that I like to eat so I fix the hunger problem by going to Subway or to a Japanese or Chinese restaurant. There’s another one I will personally go in depth about in the next posting. Couple junk food and fast food together and you have the epidemic that America has – over weight, toxic, plagued with disease, mentally ill people. Yes food has an effect on your mentality and that’s all I’m going to say about it in this post.


Out of all those, I did not say “addiction to health food”, “addiction to junk food”, or “addiction to fast food”. When dealing with spirits, they like to buddy together and take on similar names. If you get one out, you get just that one out. Then you notice you still have problems with that same thing you got prayer for and you think you didn’t get any freedom at all. The moment you doubt the freedom is the moment you lose it and spirits that come back come with seven worse than they are. Ultimately that one spoken doubtful thought made you eight times worse. That’s what they do to defeat you and rob you of any freedom you received in Jesus name. If you want to go into deliverance ministries and call upon Christ to deliver you, be careful to get the familiar spirits as well.


Addiction to sugar is a big and bad problem in America as well. It rolls with junk food, fast food and gluttony. The devil likes to work in three fold chords because they are not easily broken and I mentioned a total of four. You have got to love probability odds. They add up and before you know it, you have a stronghold that is even less easy to get rid of. That stronghold is best friends with alcohol, diabetes and any other sugar dependant thing. That’s why drunks crave sugar, and diabetics suffer because of sugar. There’s that underlying craving while their body cannot handle it. My particular problem with sugar addiction is the carbohydrates. I don’t really consume sugar like an addict would but I eat high starch, high carbohydrate foods which the body then turned into sugar. For those who are not affected by diabetes, be careful with how much sugar you consume as well as how many carbohydrates you consume. High intake with no outlet other than the organs will take its toll on them and the price you’ll have to pay is not something I would wish upon most people. The fact there is at least one means I need to pray and seek God’s help in forgiving more than what I’m doing.


Last thing I can think of in the food addiction category is a very simple and common one – caffeine. People like to joke and shrug this one off but it is as big of an addiction problem as that to what is considered “bad”. Again I challenge you, try to take caffeine away from an addict and see how they react. You may beg for the chance to give them something with caffeine just to save yourself. I don’t do coffee, that’s not my caffeine addiction. Tea has caffeine in it and even that does not faze me. My problem is Monster energy drinks. I have a system – Monday – Friday is good to go but none on the weekends. The only time that system is modified is if I skip a weekday, then I find myself buying at least one on the weekend.


All these addictions I have mentioned I can guarantee one thing. The addict feels a whole lot happier when they are indulging in that addiction. The next posts will be over Drugs, Alcohol, Television, Video Games, Computers, Books, Cigarettes, and Music.


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