Proverbs: 23:17

Let not thine heart envy sinners: but be thou in the fear of the Lord all the day long

Do not be jealous of the people who sin. Keep your fear of the Lord all day every day. I wish I would remember this every day because there are times where I envy the sinners. They seem like they have more freedom than what I do. God can be looked at as demanding and for good reason. If you obey His commandments you will have a good life. If you live like a sinner you will not.

The world is demanding too. Think about it. We are told to wake up every day and go to school for 7 hours a day and then we come home and do homework. Then we have chores. By the time all that gets done we usually go to bed to repeat that same process. Happens Monday through Friday. Then when we hit 16 we are told to get a job. So now we go to school, go to work, come home and do homework and chores. Again we go to sleep and repeat that process the next day. When we graduate from school we sweat and work hard to make a living. Once we move out of the house (if we don’t have them already), there are bills to pay. Then there is stress because you don’t make enough to pay the bills. There are relationship problems that add stress. Then there is self esteem issues. All of that is the world being demanding.

Sure you are to read the Word and pray and go to church. Upon doing that, and having the fear of the Lord and being of His people who strive for perfection, you can live stress free. Pray to God and let him take your worries off your shoulders. Then the phrase “relationship problem” is like a different language to you. Jesus said that His yoke was easy, His burden was light.

There is no reason to envy sinners – no reason to envy an alcoholic or a drug addict. No reason to envy someone who is homeless because they can’t pay their bills because they party every single night. No reason to envy someone with an STD because they sleep with everyone. That is what that verse talks about. Do not envy things of that nature.


~ by davisddesigns on May 23, 2011.

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