Proverbs 21:16

The man that wandereth out of the way of understanding shall remain in the congregation of the dead.

Proverbs is pretty straight forward and basically says the same thing over and over again in each verse. Its like a continuation at  the same time. This one (from my point of view) talks about if you get off the path of righteousness and don’t have fear of the lord then you don’t have understanding of truth. That is where the “wandereth out of the way of understanding” means. What it means by “congregation of the dead” does not mean that your physically dead. You can be physically living and as you say “enjoying life” but your soul does not have eternal life. If you wander from truth then you vainly worship and that puts you in the congregation of the dead, those who hope to make it to heaven but won’t.

I don’t know of a nice way to describe that verse. Today I’m going to be posting the scriptural message “Eternal Judgement” in hopes that it clears up everyones understanding and help everyone see why I can’t really be nice when I talk about this verse. There is no nice way to describe the dead.


~ by davisddesigns on May 20, 2011.

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